Saturday, January 20, 2007

Way Way out in the Woods

Way, Way out in the Woods

People think I live way, way out I the woods.
There are rabbits, deer, coyotes here and I swear
I saw a bobcat.

Last night, on my way home, just as I entered
The Littleton Town Forrest, I saw her, a majestic doe.
Standing in my headlights as if to dare me to come nearer
I slowed down, slapped my thigh and let out a holler.

Deer are a rare sight. It’s been, what? A year?
The most beautiful creature of the New England Forrest
Rarely shows herself except by accident.
She was lost, the trail, the deer run, here
runs at an angle to the street.

Yes I know all the deer runs, I study them and she was lost.

I pulled up beside her, not 10 feet away.
We looked and admired each other
or rather I admired her while she studied me wearily.

I honked my horn for joy, involuntarily,
she jumped in panic, found the trail and was gone.

Once, no, more than once, I chased a wild turkey.
Once I chased one into the swamp at the foot of Bumblebee hill.
Wild Turkeys can fly and deer do run and
it’s glorious living out in the woods.

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