Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What to write what to write?

What to write, what to write? I’ve been so busy that I’ve sorely neglected this blog. This will be a trivial entry between marathon bookends. The Bagel Bards, an eclectic group of word nurds that meet in the basement of a bagel joint in Harvard Sq. every Saturday morning and to which I claim the honor of belonging, has produced an anthology. The rules were that to be eligible you had to attend at least one bagel bard meeting, not hard, and you were allowed one poem of fifty lines or less and a biography of fifty words or less. I took it upon myself to design it. It’s beautiful and can be found at www.iscspress.com

I’ve also put together yet another web site for the Wilderness House. This time as a Wilderness House Literary Review. It’s at www.whlreview.com Now that it’s up I can finish the regular WH web site and announce our next guest, John Hanson Mitchell, noted naturalist author and Littleton resident. That will be June 10th with a cookout on the new grill the Rotary got NEFF.

I’ve decided that I need to get my writers CV more together than it is so I’ve started to enter various writers contests. All these writers I know that get published all call themselves award winning writers although they rarely actually list any awards. I want to actually list some awards after my name. Perhaps with some credibility I can get off the high tech rat race and write something fun and get paid for it for a change.

More later.