Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mit Romney - not a favorite son

I lived in Belmont for over 20 years. My kids once knocked on his door on Halloween. He handed out toothbrushes. Needless to say they never went back. The man just doesn't get it. Most old timers in Belmont despise the man who rammed the Mormon temple down the town's throat. The temple, which violated all the town ordinances, dominates Belmont hill. All other churches in town respected the height limits expressed in the town's ordinances but not the Mormons who took their complaint all the way to the US Supreme Court on religious freedom grounds. Apparently if they want to erect a 50 story tower anywhere in your back yard they can do it so long as there is an angel Moroni on the top.

In retaliation the town voted to go wet for first first time in 100 years issuing 8 liquor licenses. They have since issued a dozen more. At the town meeting that considered this there was also the errant suggestion that the area around the Mormon temple also be declared an "adult entertainment district." The town folk were angry but felt that going wet was retaliation enough.