Friday, April 24, 2015

Poplar Hill update

I have two small tidbits to report regarding my novel Poplar Hill. First, I have an interview with Michelle Richter, a literary agent with Fuse Literary, at Grub Street's The Muse and the Marketplace on Friday, May 1st 2015.

The second tidbit is that I recently discovered that one of the real Kitty Stevenson’s pet projects finally got off the ground a few years after her death. It’s a literary festival called “Read by the Sea.” It takes place every July in River John, Nova Scotia, home to the real Barb and Vince and just 5 miles from Poplar Hill.

If I ever get Poplar Hill published I intend to have my launch party at “Read by the Sea” if they'll have me. I can’t think of a greater homage to Kitty than to release the book at one of her progeny.

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